Hub slowing down


Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to jump ship. It is frustrating, but I was with ST since launch and I had to deal with all of their issues. I stuck with them for years before I gave up. I am a patient man.


I have delays and Z-Wave issues for about a week now but I am away most of the time and haven’t been in touch with support to narrow them down. @ritchierich thinks there’s a possibility it’s caused by the new update and I am gearing toward that as well. I have random devices going dead under “Z-Wave info” daily now.


I am also having issues with large delays with my lighting automations - not sure if its driven from the zwave switch (fibaro) or the zigbee sensor.


is there anyway to see how hard the CPU is working? and how much memory is used. It seems like the hub is locking up.


Ill second this, but with osram bulbs. Switches fire late or not at all sometimes, just not reliable. I know zigbee is probably slow with a ton of lights but it is quite annoying when I hit a switch and nothing happens for a minute, then what usually happens is out of 10 lights that turn off, 1 will turn on and not turn off till I hit the switch again :smiley: weirdness like that.

Edit: I will try to link all my osram stuff to my osram gateway and control the gateway from hubitat, maybe hubitat doesn’t have the power to control many lights at once.


Also had this feelign that the hub is responding slower then at first. When looking at the logs it doesn’t look like it’s doing much so i really have no idea what causes it.


Check your logs when you're getting delays. The signal in is going to be logged, and the response automation as well. Check the times. If there's a noticable delay in the system, then it's a Hubitat issue, but if the response is 1/10th of a second (that's the standard response time for my automations and controls) then it's something else. Network interference maybe?


I will check when i have time, thanks


My hub continues to slow and then lock up after a week or so. Only "unofficial" code is Chromecast (beta). Oh, also the Magic Lights driver which I'm not sure is officially supported. The rest is all officially supported apps and drivers. Happens regularly.


Disabling Chromecast (beta) resolved my issues.
If you do disable it make sure that you also either disable all rules using the devices discovered by Chromecast or redirect any announcements to another speech device.


Yeah, thanks. Problem is this house is rented Airbnb right now ha ha ha, so I can't get access and don't have a smart plug on the HE yet. Its a bit embarrassing asking the occupants to pull the power on the hub every few days, sigh. Plus I really want the Chromecast integration for TTS. Hope the issue gets resolved soon!