Hub slow to add new device

Anyone else having issues adding devices? I started Friday with 7 and trying to add more today but my hub spins during the discovery process. It finds the device but I cannot change the name. This happened with a different device and and I rebooted the hub and was able to edit it but now it’s happening again.

Looked under Zwave and found it added as a “device”. Tried changing it to generic switch, it’s a GE on/off switch and it stayed as failed.

This has happened to me a couple of times. In both cases it was resolved by moving the device closer to the hub…or the hub closer to the device.


Try to reinitalize…if it fails you will get an option to remove. Remove it…then move the device closer and try again. This happened with my remotec zwave device as well.

Also make sure you remove any other “duplicates” you might see.

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Hum I am working my way out. I have a device working on the other side of wall.

How do you remove them from the Zwave list? I removed it from the devices list but I don’t see an option to remove from the Zwave radio list, second screenshot above.

Hit the red “reinitialize” button. It should fail and give you a “remove” button instead.


Thanks. Thank goodness I ran Ethernet throughout the house. I ended up moving hub into area and all good.

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I find Zigbee takes longer to add. I made this fatal mistake by excluding some of the Z-Wave repeaters closer to the ST hub and now having a hard time excluding the farther away devices. Guess I have to take out my wifi extender now. Rookie at his best.

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Just relocate your ST hub then. extension cord and cat5 cord, :wink:

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A while ago I got a tp-link wifi ap/bridge/client box. Cute little thing. I can plug it into any wired ethernet device and have wifi. I used that for wifi connection when moving my hub for adding/removing far away devices.

I'm thinking of getting this and a USB to barrel plug to power the hub via a backup battery pack. This should make the HUB completely mobile.

UPDATE: Got the hardware in. Got everything working great. Now the hub is mobile for pairing. Even the outdoor devices :slight_smile:


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