Hub seems to disconnect from internet and No alerts on iPhone overnight

For some reason my hub does not connect to the internet from sometime in the middle
Of the night until 5 am exactly every single day. If I go to the mobile app anytime before 5 am the dashboards etc do not load because it will not connect.

Are other devices, such as your phone, able to connect to the Internet before 5am (via your home's Internet connection, not via the mobile / phone network)? You don't have any schedule on your router to turn off any Wi-Fi radio's or re-establish the Internet connection each night?

Also, is this something that only started happening recently? Oh, I see you only just joined... Perhaps recently then.... Welcome aboard the Community btw. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this relatively quickly for you.

Yes everything connects fine before 5 am except Hubitat I guess. I assumed it was a router issue as well but I have looked through all of the settings with no luck…

This has been happening for at least 6 months +.


And just to clarify, your hub remains otherwise responsive over the LAN during this time?

In other words, it’s only an issue of cloud-based access to the hub?

Do you have any kind of weird scheduling on your router that would explain this? What router make//model do you have? Anything in firewalling?

Yes, if I "connect to hub" it is fine....

No! I have the TP Link Deco.

Seems if it's every night at the exact same time it wouldn't be hub related (HE doesn't do that). Something is scheduling that time to block in coming from the cloud server. I don't know the ins and out of the deco but that would be what I suspect.

Can you PM me the hub id? I can check the hub's engineering logs. If it drops off the network, there will be telltale log entries complaining about that.

Yes just PMed you

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