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I had to reboot my hub to fix a few Zigbee devices from not responding and I was wondering what everyone's experience has been in regards to random rebooting needed.

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I have had to reboot a few times when the Zigbee radio apparently went down. Not often but it does happen.

Did Zigee have the issue after adding new devices or randomly?



I've never had to reboot to fix a specific unresponsive device or two. If all of your Zigbee devices were down, that would sort of make sense: when the hub gets overloaded (as it can with runaway custom code), the Zigbee radio is usually the first to go. A reboot may help alleviate that until the next time this code path executes. Are you running any custom code, especially apps that are widely reported to cause problems (including at least older versions of webCoRE, HomeBridge, or others)? You can try disabling specific apps or drivers to help identify the culprit if so.

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I have 4 hubs, the first was acquired 18 months ago... I've never had to reboot the hub to fix something... that's not the same as saying I haven't tried the reboot path to see if it will fix it. Just saying that when I've tried the reboot it to fix it path, it hasn't helped... yet.

As recently as this morning I tried that on my development hub when I got myself into a corner. As with all previous times, it had no positive effect. It turned out to be a browser cache issue and simply using another browser for one step got me out of the corner.

Only time I reboot my hub is for firmware update or this weekend when I had to rewrite part of my rack and power down everything on it. I think the last time I had an issue was a database corruption sometime last year but I’ve never had a slow down and I do have a pretty active hub.

Technically you shouldn’t have to reboot frequently but if you are having a slow down it’s a quick fix.

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