Hub Protection gone from my hub?

I have a Remote Admin and a Hub Protect bundle for over a year now, and for some reason the hub protect seems to be gone?
I see last cloud backup is from 04-08-2022 .....


Given the coincidence of it being almost exactly a year I'd say your year's subscription ran out and for some reason didn't renew. Did your card expire? Or maybe the scheme doesn't auto-renew

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Card is still active, and remote admin also seems to work normaly.
That is also the reason I did not notice it before.

Thanks for using Hubitat add-on services. I can confirm that you have an active bundle for a hub. However, it looks like you signed up from a hub that you are no longer using (or never did). I have updated the hub id to reflect your current "NWH" hub. Please reboot the hub from Settings to activate the service locally.


Cheers bobbyD, that seems to have fixed it.


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