Hub Protect service migrate my main hub from C-5 to C-7

Migration V5 to V7 hub with protection subscriptions appear to work however no Zwave or Zigbee are functioning. Followed written instructions as well as How to use cloud backups and hub migration with Hub Protect - YouTube.

Instructions state:
Zigbee devices are contained within the hub database and will be retained when you migrate, but it will be necessary to re-join devices to the new Zigbee radio by manually reseting them. Select
Discover Devices from the Home page. You DO NOT need to delete the device from the hub. The existing device will be discovered with the response, Found Previously Joined Devices. The device should resume normal operation and all of your existing rules will be intact.

  1. From above Select Discover Devices from the Home page does not exist to find previously joined device as result Zigbee devices inoperable ?

Zwave devices inoperable as well

All devices are listed but not functional.

Advice ?

So did you do this step?? You have to rejoin them again.


Please send me a private message along with your email account, and we will take a look at your hub's engineering logs to see what went wrong (assuming your hub is connected to the cloud).


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