Hub Protect: How to convert to bundle?

I'm signed up for remote admin and backup as separate services. How do I convert that to an annual bundle? I don't see the option...

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Bump. Am I on the Do Not Respond list or is hubitat staff really preoccupied with other stuff right now?

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Guys, can someone from Hubitat please answer this. I've been paying the non-bundled price for a long time now, with no idea how to convert to a bundle. Do I just cancel the individual services? If I do that, do I lose all my backup data? Or is there something you can do on the backend to bundle without losing backup data?

Oh wow, we missed this thread a few times, didn't we? For future references, especially if you happen to post on the weekends, you are better off creating a subscription case by visiting this page:

Yes, there is no upgrade path. But I am sending you a PM for an alternative solution.