Hub process slowdown after several days

I only have HubConnect, Device Watchdog, and Roku App, oh and the Average All you created the other day, all seem solid on my end, I would have no way of knowing of other people having them who have reported issues though.

And are you experiencing hub slowdowns?

I wouldn't call my issue "slow downs" I have one hub with those apps and have no issues, yet have a separate hub with just wifi devices that I don't experience slow downs in say automations, but I do experience extreme lag on the browser pages after being left open for any small period of time, but only pertains to that hub. The only difference is cloud connected devices with all stock apps drivers running them.

To assist with making "a list..."

On my Production system: 3 interconnected hubs:

Apps I use:

  • HubConnect (I'm sure that's a surprise)
  • Amazon Echo Skill (barely gets used.. once or twice a week.)
  • Average This (my own app)
  • ChromeCast Integration (Beta)
  • Get Attributes App (my own app)
  • NOAA Weather Alert
  • Advanced Button Controller (I'd vote this one to the top of the trusted scale)
  • Better Laundry Monitor (an app I modified extensively and then published)

On the Driver side:

  • Aeotec MultiSensor6 (a driver I modified extensively and then published)
  • Dome Motion Sensor (from krlaframboise)
  • Weather Driver
  • iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor
  • Luxuriant-Driver (my own driver)
  • Total Comfort API D (a driver I modified extensively and then published)

Only my Development Hub has slowdowns and the symptoms are more "NetGear like", although the patch for this did not have any impact.

But here you've been regaling us with your opinions about how to solve a problem you don't even have. Nice.

Right, because problems never ever possibly related, as well as "WE" have to diagnose it ourselves and the way to find the solution is on the forums.

I also need to add that about 3 weeks ago I added a rule that reboots both hubs TWICE PER DAY, to reduce the possibility of a slowdown.

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It's just reassuring to know that you speak from some authority, knowledge and experience with the problems, and how difficult it is or isn't to diagnose slow downs. :upside_down_face:

Where did I say I had knowledge and experience diagnosing anything......I didn't you won't find it

But thanks though.

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I know I been very controversial in the past, but I have to say my 2 hubs have been working fine, the other day I installed an app, I noticed a slowdown in one hub, I uninstalled the app and everything returned to normal.

Now I will start to move everything to HE apps, it has almost everything I need in this year fighting with @bravenel. Happy birthday to me using HE.

Thanks guys.

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This has been a long time issue here. Newbies especially want to be coders then when they screw it up they come crying here for help.

This is why I changed my license. You muck with it that's on you. I test my code for a solid week before I release it.

And for those who like to play coder I'll give you some SOLID advice... ask the original developer for help. We actually do want to pass on our knowledge and will do our best to help but when you do it behind our backs then cry when it mucks up your hub or doesn't work anymore that is ON YOU !! OWN IT !!


I think that's swirling around the issue we have. There's no way to know what risk you're taking by installing software. If there was a means to get a list of code, and then allow the community to up/down vote it's reliability, we'd have something... something we don't have today.


Awesome IDEA !! @bravenel

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Was an app from you by the way. Yes, we should have a vote system, I was joking, not your app.


There are 2 apps that have caused many issues with hub lockups and they are Webcore and Echo Speaks. Not attempting to flame the coders for either one.

Surprisingly the app I installed was a HE app, not 3rd party app, but I think I created a race condition so it was my fault, I think because wasn't rule machine the app.

I love the up/down vote idea. If there could be a sort of wiki list of apps with votes. And maybe at the top have a big disclaimer: "Install user app at your own risk."

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Race conditions are the pits. Easy to happen especially with RM.... I know from experience ! LOL

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Reading this thread as well, it is interesting - if anything stirring my own paranoia about the local speed (I have one C4 hub). But really:

  1. If you run native HE apps and no other code, can anyone here say that they get slowdowns ?
  2. if there was a list of community apps with up and down votes i'd prefer there be a threshold to vote (on the forums for 4-6 weeks etc) because I know when I was new, I just clicked, copy pasted, refresh and wondered why it wasn't working. Those first few weeks you have to invest alot to reap the reward.
  3. I dont want community apps to go away, I love that there are people out there so passionate about the platform that they would go out of their way, in their own time, to build something for themselves and then release it for us to also use.
  4. its not up to HE to fault find their hardware, when the cause is software you have loaded. Its pretty simple.

Like someone said above, they installed an app and noticed slowdowns, you disable the app and see if that helps. You're the one loading community code onto your hub, you kinda have to do the hard yards and go back to the developer to see if they want to spend the time trying to find and crush the bugs.

For me the use case is like apple, they had to approve the code before it got to the end user, but there is money involved there. I like HE as a platform, it appeals to my inner penny-pincher, but at the end of the day, now that im in, and invested, I spend an absurd amount of money on devices in some cases just to test them, I kinda feel like HE should be charging somewhere, for something, because the initial hub purchase can't be funding them too well (yes this is probably another thread or has been talked about elsewhere).

To my naive eyes, alot of people in the 170+ replies have multiple hubs running hubconnect.


I have a configuration of 3 HE hubs interconnected using HubConnect. I am experiencing processing slowdowns after a time of a few days to a week. If I reboot my main hub, everything goes back to normal.

Here is my configuration –

Main Hub “Home”

  •      All zigbee devices except lamps
  •      3 GE z-wave motion switches
  •      2 Philips Hue hubs
  •      1 Lutron Pro hub
  •      Sonos
  •      *custom – Hubduino (I have disabled, didn’t help)
  •      *custom – Simple Irrigation (I have disabled, didn’t help)
  •      *custom - Better Laundry Monitor (disabled, and has been for some time)
  •      *custom – HubConnect Server (connects the other 2 hubs and to homebridge – running on rPI 3B+)

Second hub “Home 2”

  •      Zigbee lights (OSRAM)
  •      Several zigbee outlets
  •      4 GE z-wave switches / dimmers
  •      2 Zooz Z-wave power strips
  •      2 Z-Wave first alert smoke/carbon detectors
  •      1 Utilitech Z-wave siren
  •      Lutron Pro hub is integrated with this hub as well
  •      *custom – HubConnect client

Third hub “Hubitat WEBS” (listed as coordinator in my Hubitat web portal – changed configuration and never changed the name)

  •      Alexa Skill
  •      IFTTT (not using, app installed but no usage)
  •      *custom – HubConnect client

The only custom drivers are the ones associated with HubConnect and Hubduino. I have had static IP addresses since day 1. The zigbee and z-wave meshes seem very solid, never have any devices drop off and always respond.

The slowdowns seem to mostly affect automations. I use RM4 to do all of my motion lighting, as I can’t get the configuration correct with the built in lighting apps. When the hub has been freshly rebooted, motion lighting happens in under a second – Iris V2 motion sensors or V2 contact switches activate and the rule fires, then Hue or zigbee lamps turn on. After almost a week, it will take 2 to 3 seconds for the lights to turn on. I have observed in the logs that the contact or motion will trigger, then about 2 seconds later, RM will turn on the light. I’m not sure if it the way I have my rules structured, or if something is taking up the hubs resources a little at a time, until there isn’t enough left to respond quickly.

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