Hub not working after power failure

After a power outage C-7 hub won't connect. The LED is green but nothing is working.

May have jumped IP addresses - particularly if the router took a hit also. Might try http://hubitat.local to see if it responds.


No dice. Router is still working fine, and both are plugged into a UPS so I don't understand how the C-7 died. IP is reserved by the router.

Try rebooting the router - should force it to re-authorize all IPs.

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That didn't help either. I have Hub Protect. Where do I make a claim?

Let's try a network reset on the hub. On the bottom of the hub there is one round hole that contains a network reset button, take a paperclip and press that for about 7-10 seconds.


Tried that, light went blue, then back to green. But still nothing. Router shows it offline still.

Running out of rabbits in my hat, so let's see if @support_team has any ideas.

Thanks for your help!

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Hub started working on its own. Oh, well.


We've got your warranty case and checked on your hub. It appears that the hub is online and connected to the cloud.

I think someone had an issue with general UPS and Hubitat in that there was a voltage/amp etc drop as the UPS kicked in and that was enough to cause problems with the hub - was in a thread about making up a DIY micro battery based UPS if I remember right.

Might be one of the reasons the really ancient disk sets (think a massive record player) and older raid arrays as well as other hardware would die not long after a power loss.

He did solve it if I remember but with a lot of testing gear and mucking about.

Luckily here we have a stable grid, at least until #Brexitstan really kicks in (or too many Muskkretinwagen being charged at the same time). I can't remember when we last lost power here.