Hub not responding

So far, so good - did notice one issue with some of my automated lights but I'm guessing that it is a low battery on the door sensor which trips it.

Check the events tab on the device page for that sensor. It'll tell you whether the sensor registered an event or not. If it did register an event, we'll have to figure out why the automation didn't get triggered.

It hasn't registered an event in about 4 hours - it's on the door into my garage and my wife and I left AND came back within the last 90 minutes. The light on the sensor is working when it's triggered but it seems to be having issues talking to Hubitat. I may try a battery swap tomorrow if it continues and see if that fixes it. Automations on those particular lights are working because they're also tied to my garage doors and when I opened my garage door, they came on as expected.

Locked up hard again this morning.

At the last 3 lockups, I've looked at the logs and almost every time, it locks up after talking to several of the Aeotec DSC06106. I'm hesitant to remove Sensibo at this stage because it works so well. I guess I can try creating a local backup and restoring it and see if that helps. I'm also wondering if I should start replacing the old Aeotec plugs.

Those are old Zwave, not plus. Are you polling them? Do you have energy monitoring turned on for these?

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They're at the default settings, whatever those may be. They do monitor energy. Yes, I know they're old Zwave but they've worked fine across 3 platforms now and have been fine on Hubitat.

Turn off all energy monitoring and see if you still are getting crashes.

That could be very bad depending upon what defaults are. While I don't have these plugs, many of these Zwave plugs do power, voltage, current, percentage of change, and so on. So you potentially get 5-6 power reports every couple seconds bombarding the hub and the Zwave mesh. Multiply that by "several" that you have, and no wonder the hub is brought to it's knees.

It doesn't appear to let me disable reporting. However, I can set the report interval very high - it's currently set to 10 seconds.

I have 2 of these. Here are my settings:

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I changed mine to the following:

I probably should turn off debug logging too.

@agnes.zooz Have there been any updates to the Zen 25 firmware beyond 2.0 ? If so, can that be posted here.

2.0 is still the latest update available.

My hub hasn't crashed since I got help in this thread. I am still using my Zooz ZEN25 but the odd thing is that the lights on it no longer seem to work.