Hub network question

I currently have a 2nd network interface card on my Blue Iris camera PC with all of my cameras on this network. This network has zero access to the internet. The 1st network interface of the PC has access to the internet.

I want to add some smart locks and zwave sensors to my barn, which is well out of my Hubitat's range and any extenders I have tried. I am planning to buy a second c7 Hubitat hub to put in the barn. The easiest way I can see to do this is to put both Hubitat hubs on my camera network so that I can use the point to point Ubiquiti M5 links that I already have set up for the barn camera network. I do not want to have seperate networks for the Hubitat and cameras, because it would involve using vlans, meaning I would need vlan routers/switches on both ends of the radios.

The only problem is that I will need to give internet access to the hubs so that I can access them quickly using the Hubitat mobile app, get push notifications, or to occasionally do firmware updates.

Anyone know of a way to route a static ip address of my hubs to WAN using software in the PC?

Or a better way to add a hub in my barn without hanging more radios off my house or barn.


Maybe get another USB network adapter for the BI machine and add a network bridge to it for your Hubitat hub.

What kind of software and hardware are you using for the M5? I have Unifi OS and can block/allow individual IP from accessing the internet.

I would try to run an ethernet cable to the barn.

i would run rg6 coax cheaper. and better for long distances.. the gocoax adapters work well .

Thanks for the replies. I decided not to run ethernet for several reasons, the main one being lightning strikes nearby and inducing voltage into cat wiring. It's a long distance and I can't risk it. I considered fiber but the path takes too many stops along the way near my house, didn't think I could pull it without damaging it. I just ran 110v power to barn last summer and decided point to point radios would be best, and they have been working great so far for the few cameras out there.

The bridge idea looks interesting. I have to do some research on that to see if it will work in my situation.

The M5's are on stock firmware from about a year ago when I installed them. I can't block ip's at the radios because there are some cameras on the house, upstream from the radios that won't get blocked.