Hub Migration Questions

I started with one C5 running everything - worked good most of the time.

I bought a C7 and used HP to migrate from the C5 to the C7. Worked mostly. Been having some ZWave issues and learned I likely have too many ZWave devices on single mesh. So I bought a second C7.

Now my "plan" is to use the C5 to manage all the Zigbee devices and run all my automations. Then use the two C7s to split my ZWave devices up.

I really didn't want to reinvent my entire wheel, so I decided to do a "migrate" from my first C7 back to my C5. I did NOT click the button to "migrate zwave". After it restored and rebooted - weirdly, I CAN control my ZWave devices from my C5. Is this expected?

I turned off the ZWave radio on the C5 - so nothing should be conflicting at the moment. But I'd prefer to remove the C5 from the network entirely - is that possible?

Yes. Because you never reset the zwave radio on the C-5 while using HP to migrate to the C-7. Itโ€™s a feature :grinning:

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So if I enable ZWave again and hit RESET - will the devices still be connected to the C7? or does RESET cause a global un-pairing?

If you reset the zwave radio on the c-7, the devices will be removed from the c-7 zwave radioโ€™s database.

If i reset the zwave radio on the C5 will the devices still be on the C7?

Yes, unless you also reset the radio on the c-7.