Hub mesh vs z-wave repeater/extender

I upgraded from the C7 to a C8 hoping to reach further outside of my home on my property. The C8 still doesn't reach outside where I want some additional devices like lighting control, motion sensing, and a doorbell/siren. The C8 is working well and I am extending my home network to one of the sheds. My question is if I would be better off adding the C7 back in using the extended ethernet network and hub mesh or would I be better advised to use extenders?

If you have network connectivity at both locations, Hub Mesh would for sure work; with repeaters, you may need careful placement to make it work, depending on distance, obstacles, and similar factors. (And if you don't need devices on one hub for use in automations on the other, they could even operate without Hub Mesh as two effectively independent systems.)

The main advantage the repeater approach has is possibly less cost and the need to manage only one hub. Whether you think it's likely to work or how much you'd mind the rest are the considerations I'd use to make the choice, but I'd probably pick two hubs.


What @bertabcd1234 said - especially since you already own the hub. Keeping one hub as the main one where all the rules reside and the other just for devices that can't connect main hub is the way to go.


Thanks to everybody who responded. I will add the C7 back into my system. My next task will be to ensure I have the C7 fully prepared. I followed the basic C8 migration by creating a backup of the C7 and then restoring that backup to the C8. I believe the recommended path now is to temporarily shutdown the C8 and remove all devices from the C7 prior to adopting the C7 back into the mesh with the C8. Thanks for the feedback.

Not exactly; I'd reset the radios rather than removing Z-Wave and (especially) Zigbee devices manually. See: How to Migrate to a New Hub | Hubitat Documentation