Hub Mesh. Unable to create Pushover device on remote hub

I have just tried to share my Pushover device to a remote hubs.
I have enabled it to be shared.
On my remote hubs (C5 and C3) I can see it in the list.
I select it and click on create.
It seems like it is creating it but nothing appears.
The device does not get created.
Nothing is appearing in the logs on either hub.
Any thoughts?

I've tagged @gopher.ny as I think you seem to be answering hub mesh issue posts.

Try selecting device, shifting focus away from the combo box (like clicking elsewhere on the page), and then clicking Create Devices button after combo's popup is closed. There were a couple of times when I thought I just misclicked something, but what you're describing sounds familiar. I'll see if this can be reliably reproduced in the meantime.

I did try that.
Selected the device then clicked elsewhere.
The device was shown as selected in the 'box'.
I then clicked create.
Nothing appears.

Which hub do you try to create a linked device on, C3, C5, or C7? I'll check the logs.

The device is defined on the C7.
I try to define it on both my C5 & C3.
For information I have defined a virtual device on each to get things working so you may see these in the logs.
Are you unable to reproduce this?

There is no point in trying to use pushover through Hub Mesh. Why not just create a new Pushover device with the same credentials? I doubt that we are carrying preferences across, for things like credentials.


This is exactly what I do too, I have pushover devices created on each hub and works fine. No need to use Hubmesh or Hubconnect for pushover.

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If Hub Mesh doesn't support this type of device that's fine. :+1: No problem. As said above, I have defined a device for pushover on each hub and it's working fine.
Just raised it in case there was an issue that needed to be resolved.

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