Hub Mesh Sync Issue

@gopher.ny one of my children was raiding our laundry room last night for drinks and when I woke up this morning, my coordinator hub said my Laundry Room lights were on, but they were not. You will see the I clicked Refresh at 7:02 AM to get it to sync but coordinator has an extra "Hub mesh switch set to on" event which shouldn't have happened.

Here are the events from the zwave hub for this GE Motion Switch:

Here are the events from my coordinator hub using Hub Mesh:

I do have remote sync turned on to0:

This has happened on a few occasions with various switches and first time I am reporting it.

I am seeing some sync issues between hubs as well. I have all my dashbords on one hub and sometimes the dashboard will not update a device on another hub. You can go to the hub the device is on and and set and then the dashboard will update, and then seems to start working. I am also at the default setting of 2 mins.

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@gopher.ny I wanted to confirm if the issue noted above is a known issue. Happy yo provide further details. Thanks!

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