Hub Mesh questions

I have two Elevation C-7 hubs, both on the same internal network but one is used in my home and the other in a remote barn \ workshop.

Both the house and barn have Ring alarms, I currently have the Ring alarm integration setup in the house, I am planning to set it up in the barn.

I don't have hub mesh setup yet, but as I understand it, I will need this so that devices on one hub can appear on the other.

My questions:

Will I be able to use ring alarm status on the barn hub (once I add it) to set LED status on my Homeseer dimmers (with LEDs) on a switch in the house? How would I do this?

Will I be able to setup HSM on the home hub and be able to use water sensors etc... that are out in the barn?

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you will be able to do all of that.
HubMesh replicates a device from the source hub to the destination hub.
For all intents and purposes the HubMeshed device appears and functions as a real device on the destination hub.
So you can create rules on the destination hub that include devices from the remote hub(s)...

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Thanks for the quick response ... I'll go get to testing!

Something to keep in mind. If you setup rules on the home Hub using the devices from the barn hub, and if the connection between the two is lost then your rules will not function.

I point this out because I have a similar situation. My shop sets about 200' behind my house and I have the a network connection out to the shop via a wireless CPE device. It can drop from time to time. So I try to keep any rule that uses devices in the shop on the shop hub.

This may not be an issue for you depending on what type of setup you have for the connection to the remote barn.

Thats an excellent point, all of my hubs that are meshed are all on physical ethernet switched networks...
With that setup it's been as reliable as the source devices are...

Great point, the shop is 200' from the house, however I trenched in a 2" PVC dedicated to low voltage when I trenched in the 3" for power and the pex for water. Originally i was going to go wireless but didn't want the reliability issues...

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