Hub Mesh not Secure

I have a C7 and C8. The C8 was primary with all devices then added C7 to get hopefully better range.

But mesh has two different keys (not matching) and the secure column is blank.

Do you have UI Security turned on? By default it is off. And the tokens come into play only when hubs with UI security turned on are meshed.

I guess not, since I don't know what that is.

The C7 doesn't have antennas and I can't set radio strength like I could at the C8?

It's not seeing a device about 20 meters away with two concrete walls in between.

Do all devices like light switches not relay commands like zwave? It seems like everything has to communicate directly with the hub which is extremely difficult in my environment. Is there a setting for this?

I am not clear on what you are trying. Hub Mesh will not permit one Hubitat to make use of a z-wave or zigbee mesh associated with another Hubitat. Hub Mesh is a method for the devices on one Hubitat to be shared with another Hubitat.

It's not going to. The two concrete walls will block either a zigbee or a z-wave wireless signal.

They should if they are z-wave light switches.

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What problem are you actually experiencing with hub mesh? Are you not seeing devices synchronize across the hubs? Or did you just want to understand a little more about the use of the tokens?

I was just asking.

My goal by adding second hub is extend range of zigbee because devices on edge of network are not reliable or be added.

I assume I have to login to the IP of the hub I want to use radio when adding device, but that after it's a single mesh so rules can make use of devices regardless of which hub is receiving the radio signal.

That's correct. The only thing I would add is you need to also configure the device on the hub mesh, making it available and then linking it to the hub that you want to add it to using hub mesh.

I guess the term β€œmesh” in Hub Mesh can be confusing, but as mentioned you can’t directly extend your zigbee mesh network with Hub Mesh.

Hub Mesh will allow you to share devices between two hubs over your LAN.

So you can have two different zigbee meshes with two hubs, sharing those devices via Hub Mesh, and effectively get an extended range that way.


To expand on @marktheknife 's point with an example, if you paired a device with your C-7 and shared it with your C-8 using hub mesh, that doesn't mean you can relocate it to the location of your C-8 and it will just work, it will still want to communicate on the ZigBee mesh for the C-7, you would need to remove it from the C-7 and re-pair it to the C-8.


Can one single rule manager turn on/off devices on two meshed hubs?

Yes. You could have a device paired to you C-7 and shared with you C-8 and a rule on the C-8 could control this device as well as devices setup locally on the C-8.

The same is true for other apps as well.

Hub Mesh was setup to make it feel like a device from a remote hub was local to the hub it is shared with. So state information will be kept in sync, events will fire on both hubs and commands can be issued on either hub and it just works

Hub mesh has its own page in the hub documentation, a good source for lots of other info about how the hub works as well.

Once again the "Mesh" in Hub Mesh is confusing. :slight_smile: Still would love to see it use a different term.