Hub mesh keeps dropping out

Been struggling with my mesh setup the last couple of weeks as it seemingly randomly stops working.

When this happens I can access both hubs by IP without issue, but when I look at one of their settings it thinks the other hub is 169.x when it's clearly not.

Both hubs are on the same physical network, no VLANs, just good old Ethernet and pihole.

1 - Any advice for what I can do to find out why this is happening or how to prevent it?

2 - Any advice on if there is a way to monitor this? Pushover notification would be great.

To get up and running again I have to do reconnect on both hubs. Power cycling both won't do it.

You can add a rule to get notified when a device is offline from HubMeshโ€™s perspective. To do this trigger a rule on custom attribute: hubMeshDisabled = false using a device that is meshed to another hub.

As for the cause, this is not an area where I have lots of experience. When Iโ€™ve had issues, I did 2 things: 1. Rebooted all impacted hubs. 2. Brought all the hubs together to be connected on the same switch.

You could also check the logs in case anything in there can point to a cause.

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Isn't that a sign that the hub didn't acquire an IP address at some point? Did the hub for some reason reboot and the router reboot took longer than the hub?

Does the router do an automatic reboot every week or something like that?

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It is. Somehow hub 2 thinks hub 1 has that IP, but in my screenshots the IPs I'm using in my browser to show the hub status are both valid IPs.

It seems like once it picks up the bad IP is not smart enough to check again, even on reboots, I have to reconnect on the mesh settings.

what hub models and firmware versions are they on?

Both show as hardware "Rev C-5" running

Full disclosure, I just picked up two C-7 hubs that should arrive later this week. Planning on swapping the C-5s out with these. Might get lucky an have this go away with that.

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