Hub mesh - hubs no longer see each other

I've had a hub mesh running with a C5 and C7 for months. There aren't many devices on the C5, so I'm not sure when this happened but I noticed today that the mesh is no longer active and the hubs don't see each other. I tried rebooting both and then power cycling both. I switched from UDP to TCP. No luck. Any suggestions for next steps? Nothing has changed recently that I can think of.


Any changes to your router or your network configuration? Can you ping one hub from the other?


Did you reserve IP addresses for both hubs in your router’s DHCP settings? Perhaps one or both hubs’ IP addresses have changed?


Interesting. They still didn’t see each other this morning, but I hadn’t tried pinging each other. I did so, which succeeded on both, and now they see each other again. The IPs are reserved and hadn’t changed fwiw.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Odd. Glad it started working again but always frustrating when things just kinda start working without root cause.

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