Hub mesh help

Just got my c8 fired up and swapped over everything went super smooth. I still have my c7 and I'm not sure what to do with it. Initially I was gonna just run all my lan stuff off it but I have a big shop about 50ft from my house with several z wave devices in there and didn't know if I should exclude all my garage stuff on the c8 then move the c7 out there and just add or what. Help please!

That's actually a really good use case.for having more than one hub and using hub mesh. I would do as you propose. Reset the C-7 completely, set it up in the garage (assuming you have network connectivity out there), move those devices over to it, them set up hub mesh.

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Yup! Wifi out there is excellent and can plug the hub right in. will hub mesh allow my maker api devices to be all in one place?

If you are intending to:

  • Connect the garage devices to the C-7
  • Setup Hub Mesh to share the C-7 connected devices to the C-8
  • Run Maker API on the C-8, including devices connected directly to the C-8 and those from the C-7

Then yes, you can do that. Equally you could turn it around and share C-8 devices to the C-7 and run Maker API on the C-7, but I am guessing that is not your intention.

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Perfect thank you for confirming this!