Hub Mesh enabled on battery powered devices

I have seem an old topic about it but I would like to confirm this.
I was under the impression that this "hub mesh enabled" switch that is by default off in all the devices should be ON only for zigbee powered devices to act as repeaters. For battery powered devices it does not matter as they can't be repeaters so I left it off. but it seems that this switch has nothing to do with zigbee mesh in a single hub. Could someone confirm this please?
In that case how can I see how zigbee devices are connected in the network? Is there any tool to see it? (like Zwave has). How can I know if the zigbee repeaters are doing their job?
Thank you

Hub mesh has nothing to do with zigbee devices specifically. Hub mesh is a tool allowing devices to be shared between hubs.
You can see zigbee repeaters and devices that route through them.
See: Zigbee Child and Route Info Table Help / Explanation


Can you provide a link? Any such topic should have said that the "Hub Mesh enabled" switch you are talking about is related to the Hub Mesh feature, a way to share devices among multiple hubs on your LAN, and is not related to Zigbee or Z-Wave mesh behavior -- as mentioned above.

For more on that feature, if you're still curious, see:


Thank you very much for the links and explanation .. I can see more zigbee data now with that link, at least started to make sense
Appreciate it

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