Hub Mesh: Changed driver and lost control on hub device is shared to

Changed the driver for a Zigbee shade device (eWand) from dimmer to the stock Generic Zigbee Shade, and I lost control of the device on the hub it is shared to.

On the home hub for the device control works fine. On the hub it's shared too, control is not working at all. Both are C7's. The driver change does show up on the hub the eWand is shared to, but none of the options (open, close, etc.) on the device page work. Things were working when I was using a generic dimmer driver on the home hub.

I did try hitting "Configure" on the hub the device is shared to. I did hit configure on the hub the device is shared from, and also used the "Sync Now" mesh option, been 10 minutes, still nothing working.

If you don't have a lot of rules using the shared device, you might consider un-sharing it and then re-sharing

Ended up having to remove the device on the receiving hub and recreate it from the Hub Mesh screen where you create devices.

Didn't know that a driver change on the sharing hub would disable the device on the receiving hub. That's not what I expected.

Normally it doesn’t…

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Thanks, good to know that's not normal.

I may want to change the driver again at some point so I'll have another chance to test this. :slight_smile: