Hub mesh and migration / upgrade

I've a c5 just used for LAN and looking at getting a c7, I'm guessing I can just upload a backup from the c5 and update the address reservation on my router with the new mac. But dose anyone know what I will need to do with hubmesh, I am sharing devices both ways (c7 devices to c5 and c5 devices to c7)
Any hubmesh tips?

@bobbyD @gopher.ny will hubmesh move with a DB backup up ?

Yes. I did this recently, when I replaced a C5 with a C7. I did have to redo the Alexa Skill integration, but everything else just slotted into place.


Cool thanks, went sure on the background logic if it used mac or something.

Good to know it should be a seamless swap as it's not any zigbee or z-wave on it

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Close but unless @bobbyD or @gopher.ny tell me I'm doing something wrong the devices on the replaced hub are showing offline and disabled on my main hub

Any change in IP address? Was HubMesh being used over TCP or multicast UDP?

Hub mesh uses hub id + device id as a way to identify devices. There's no way to simply flip all devices from a single hub, but a single device can be re-mapped using device details page dropdown that says "Keep current device link". It's enabled even if device is not.

There are no restrictions, so it's possible to create a mesh switch and re-map it to a bulb or a lock later, creating all sorts of weird side effects.

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In a Hub Protection Services migration, is the hub id changed to the id of the original hub? I ask because I didn't have to do anything for my hub mesh devices after migrating using Hub Protect.

If migrated hub has linked devices referring to physical devices on other hub(s), nothing needs to change. If it's the other way around, devices will need to be re-mapped. Hub id is unique for each physical hub.

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Aha. This was my situation. That makes sense.

How do I remap, at the moment I'm sharing a new device and swapping all the rules over to new device and deleting the offline device

  • Share the device on the new source hub. Give it a minute to propagate around.
  • On the target hub, go to the (now disabled) linked device and click dropdown that says "keep current device link". That will have a list of all devices on the mesh, including the newly shared device from previous step.
  • Select that device under the new hub grouping and save. In a few seconds, the linked device should enable itself. There shouldn't be any need to create devices and redo automations.
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That got it, thanks
Mabey @bobbyD could update the documentation to include how to repair/remap hubmesh