Hub Maintenance Slow Down


I have a Led strip that we use in the bathroom from midnight to 5am, which comes on just enough to find your way then turns off after 1 min of no motion. What has happened a few times, is someone uses the bathroom, the light turns on fine around 2am to 3am, problem is the light does not turn off, when I try manually turn it off from my phone dashboard I can even get in, even trying to access the IP of the hub I can't get in.

I think the hub's resources are being used during the maintenance period, but this causes the lights to stay on.

Do a search for Hub Maintenance or 2am here on the forum. You will see literally dozens of posts on the topic.

yes I know, was just posting to see what the general feel was, why would be so intensive that it "stopped" automation's. Surly it should be something like, run at 50% resource usage, I would rather have it run longer than for it to kill the Hub.

Since there's no way to alter or adjust how the hub does its nightly maintenance, you could create a rule that checks if the bathroom light is on at 3:05am but there's no movement in the bathroom, turn the light off.