Hub Login Security lockout after upgrade to

After the last update to I'm having trouble logging in to my hub on the local lan. I performed a password reset via the login GUI, reset my password but still not able to login using a new password.

I was able to disable login security via the portal and get into the hub. I deleted the existing user, created a user, re-enabled login security, and back to not being able to login.

I've tried short simple passwords and more complex but still not able to turn on login security and login.

I tried a restore to in my backups, it executed, but I'm still seeing the problem and interestingly it doesn't look like the hub restored to I'm still showing under Hub Details. But my backup / restore history shows

|2021-05-16 15:51:12 EDT|local|||3326672|[Restore][Download] [Delete]
|2021-05-17 15:17:40 EDT|local|||3299872|[Restore][Download] [Delete]
|2021-05-17 15:31:00 EDT|local|||3324016|

I've tried a reboot as well.

Any idea what's going on?