Hub lockups?

No. Soft Reset. Using the 8081/resetHub link documented elsewhere in the forums. A soft reset I believe wipes only the db, not the radio. You can then use a back up to restore the db without having to setup all the devices again. Solves some db corruption issues, I think.

Looks like that reverts the hub to the previous firmware. Then you would have to update again.

I mentioned this too, restoring the db but I think there is a confusion with the reset methods

I didn't recall that, I do recall that the backups are version specific. So you'll want to revert the hub to the version matching the backup you intend of restoring.

Not yet. I have had my hub running stable for a while now but I did a mass disable. Now I plan to reenable a few at a time (starting with my most needed apps) and test. That's why I reenabled my Konnected first. If I remain solid, I will add a few of my apps back ...and so on. I will defintely circle back and let you know if I get it figured out.

My hub was locking up every 2-6 days on average. I disabled all of my custom apps and it was still locking up. I decided I would give the multi hub strategy a try. I have been running multiple hubs for close to 2 weeks now and I haven't had any lockups yet on any hubs (I am running 3 hubs). I was hesitant at first to run multiple hubs but now I am really glad I did it. HubConnect has been great @srwhite is doing a fantastic job with this app.

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What approach have you used to separate devices/functions across your three hubs?

Why do you think that multiple hubs is the answer? Do you run 3rd party apps on any of them?

Honestly one hub is fine for most cases, I have 2 but the reason is I have a separate zigbee network for Xiaomi devices, and a separate z wave network for a Schlage lock that it's problematic, one hub has more than 100 devices, all the cloud connections, dashboards, 3rd party apps, it works just fine.

All depends your device count, like the creator of HubConnect app, he is almost reaching 500 plus all the automations, or maybe you have one hub with 30 devices and the other with WebCore, that should work but not recommended :wink:

Well I only have about 30 devices so I can't see there being a problem with one hub. Until I can get them running smoothly, I am not adding anything else.

You should have no problems with that amount of devices, no second hub needed

have you turned off all not needed logging? My issue was a chatty/ buggy driver bogging down the hub. Was find when i had one of that device connected, but 10 was too much.

No, I will go through and see what is being logged. That might be an issue.

I have my devices split between where its located in my house. I have 1 client hub for each side of my house and then the server hub that each client hub connects to. Most of my web-based apps are on my server hub. My rules are spread across all hub just depending on the rule. The lighting rules are generally on whichever hub the device is paired with. However my non critical light rules like "Turn off all light at 12am" are on my server hub.

I had a couple hundred devices on my hub and I think that was part of my issues with my hub locking up. I do run 3rd party apps but I now try to run them all on my server hub. This way even if my server hub locks up most of my critical lighting automations will still run.

Thank you!

I would not expect 30 devices to take you into multihub territory. :slight_smile:

Device Count only takes you so far if you have those chatty devices. If you are like @srwhite with a zillion power monitoring plugs, each sending data for every watt change, you are going to fill up your Radio capacity. Another radio can help in that situation.

I use Homebridge.. it's on the bad app list... but I want it. It is my Presence switch. So $99 for a box to run it on did seem worth it to me... and then I got to pile on all the other fun tools.

The point is.. you should not be at that point, but it's not always black and white.


I checked my devices but there were only a few that were actually set to debug logging. What about description text logging? Should that be disabled also? As for presence, that is what I need ST for still. I disabled Other Hub but I have Hub Link(which is native) to get the presence Sensors status from ST to HE. Let’s see how it goes.

Description text logging is usually fine, but it can be turned off too if the user desires.

I turn them off to once I'm done with them it's all resources of a fixed amount so every little helps? Only stuff in my logs is errors if they appear and stuff I'm not able to turn the logs off for.


I still believe that db issues are the main cause of the lockups. Just too many correlations to ignore. Although I'm beginning to divide my mesh in two, it should absolutely not be required for someone with so few devices, I'm just trying to get the hubs closer to the edges of my mesh.

The db reset process is relatively painless and fairly quick. Even following up with an upgrade afterward. If you haven't tried it, I wouldn't ignore the option.

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