Hub load is severe - New user

Hey all, just purchased the C7 hub and added my Z-Wave devices from my previous controller. Things went fairly smooth. I added homekit support and brought over all the devices and things seem to work fine. However, I noticed the hub reporting that the load is severe. What is the best way to narrow down the cause?

I have 49 total Z-wave devices on the hub at the moment. Need to add about 4-5 more.

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Can you PM me your hub's id? I can check the engineering logs for clues.
Does turning HomeKit off make severe load go away? The alert may take up to 15 minutes to disappear.


It is really important to NOT use security when adding Z-wave devices. The location of the hub is extremely important; located in the best location to have single hops to as many of the devices as possible.

Consider future upgrades with Zigbee and Lutron Caseta (my favorite) which should not add much additional load.

Thanks for the tips! Will keep them in mind.

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Z-wave can be a tough protocol.

Does S2 put additional load on the hub cpu? Or just on the zwave radio (and the additional communication time needed)?

I pair all my devices that accept S2 with it enabled. I like the additional checksumming it does at less than 100kbit, and it seems to work fine.

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Yes it does add load. I am not aware of any Z-wave network that was ever hacked. They would have to be in your house to hack you.... and if they are there, they can always just hit the switch.

If there are a few devices it will not matter but when you have 50+ devices it matters.

I don't use it to stem hacking. I like the additional transmission reliability it provides, same as 100kbit. Not all my devices stay at 100k all the time.

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I do find that some devices go down in speed. It is always a little of hit or miss for me. If the security works for you then keep doing it. If someones hub is overloaded because of security I find that it is better not to use it.