Hub Link showing incorrect values

I recently installed the Hub Link app to read some sensors in Smartthings.

The values (temperature, RH, etc) are not what they are in ST; not even close.

Is this a known issue?

Send Hub Events (the app on the ST side) does not support RH. What type of device are you using for temperature? Could you show screenshot of the ST app where you have Send Hub Events setup?


Sorry for the delayed response. We were dealing with the aftermath of two hurricanes.

It seems the issue resolved itself, so I'm not sure what the actual problem was. Temperature is now reporting properly. RH doesn't really matter to me. It was just a nice to have.

So, I've also linked my first switch as I move things back over to ST. Unfortunately, I cannot send commands back to ST due to the IP attribute being "NULL" in the request data.

app:5052018-11-12 10:54:26.256:warnConnection timed out (Connection timed out)
app:5052018-11-12 10:54:24.365:warnConnection timed out (Connection timed out)
app:5052018-11-12 10:52:18.880:infoIP: null, DNI: stHub_192C, value: off
app:5052018-11-12 10:52:16.737:infoIP: null, DNI: stHub_192C, value: on

Any ideas? (Yes I do have the IP in the HubLink config.)

Hub Link is one way from ST. Nothing is sent back to ST.

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If you need bidirectional communication between ST and HE, try the community-developed Other Hub app:

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Thanks, Bruce. I've been using OH for so long that I forgot about the Hub Link limitation. :slight_smile:

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