Hub link request

I have a switch on my "slave hub" and some rules using it on my "master hub". On the slave hub, I can distinguish between "physical" and "digital" on/off. But on the master hub I can't. Looks like the slave has some information here that it would be nice to have on the master. Is there something I'm missing, or is this just not available on the master hub. Can it be made so please?

Hi Brian, May I suggest looking at the Hubconnect app. I used to use hub link, but hubconnect is vastly superior

Sounds great -- I'll check it out. Thanks!

So far looks like a good alternative to hub-link, but when I physically press a switch on the remote hub, there is no distinction on the server hub (physical vs digital). I'm also not getting ANY logging (on the server) of the switch having changed (on the remote). But the dashboard on the server updates correctly, so it is clearly communicating the switch change. But a RM rule based on "physical switch" (on the server) does not trigger at all. A normal "switch" based rule does. So although this looks like a good replacement for hub-link, it does not address my original issue.

Let me double check when I get home with my 2 hubs, and if in fact that info is transferable it would seem that only a small modification of the driver would allow it to go over. And/ or we could use Rule machine to create an event that could go over.

I am no expert on hubconnect, but I did check with my physical/digital events on my server hub, they only go over to my client hubitat as on/off without indication of physical/digital. I have an idea, you could use RM on server hub to capture event, then that event triggers a virtual device shared on both hubs. 2 virtual devices, one physical, one digital.
The guys over at the hubconnect thread might have a more elegant solution, or maybe something is already in the works.
Good luck