Hub Kinda Dead on Arrival

I just received my new Hubitat hub. Very excited to replace my SmartThings hub. I plugged it into my network switch, plugged in the power, can see a link level light on the network switch, but NO GREEN LIGHT my hubitat.
No lights at all.

I do see the hubitat get an IP Address via DHCP from my gateway. I can ping the hubitat's IP Address. I cannot get to the hub via http or https.

Using the web based find utility from a computer that is plugged into the same switch, and it is unable to find my hub.
Using advanced find options, I am unable to find the hub via IP address or the mac address.

I have swapped out the LAN cable, swapped out the power supply, swapped out the power cord, swapped out the network switch with a plain out network hub. No joy.

Kinda concerned here about quality control.
Pissed at SmartThings for the very strange turn they have taken and was very excited about finding a good alternative... maybe not??

Your experience isn't normal. I would suggest initiating a warranty claim here:

Also tagging @support_team

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The problem is that places like Amazon will keep on reselling returned stock. So if you have 1 in 100 hubs that are faulty at creation, about 10 people will receive that one faulty hub, making it seem like 1 in 10 are faulty!


Watch out for devices that look the same too.

We bought some "Amazon Warehouse" stock Ubiquiti routers and found that half had clearly been returned to Amazon with the wrong device inside; lower spec, of course. Amazon clearly do very little before restocking as "used". One still had paint on it from the wall it had probably spent years attached to.

"Is that a router or some soil?"

"Looks like a router."


So if you buy a C-7, flip it over and check it's not a C-5 or earlier.


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