Hub keeps locking up

I will hook that switch up tomorrow. Is there anything in logs that would tell me why it's locking up?

What errors do you see in the logs now?

Update. I open a ticket with HE support. They couldn't find a reason why it was locking up. They suggested that I remove the inovelli bulb temporary. I removed the bulb and it never locked up for over a week. I ordered two more inovelli rgbw bulbs on their memorial day sale. They came in yesterday and I set them up today and the hub locks up in less an hour. I am using the inovelli driver. I switched to the aeotec zwave rgbw build in driver. It only been a few hours but it hasn't locked up yet. Has anyone had a problem with the inovelli rgbw bulbs locking the hub? Thanks

Which driver were you using with the iNovelli rgbw bulb?

I was using the one from inovelli

Inovelli Bulb Multi-Color LZW42
Last updated on 4/9/20

I would recommend trying @bcopeland’s driver:

I'm not aware of anything in their driver that would cause the hub to lock up.. The bulb can be a bit on the chatty side so if you are sending a bunch of color changes to it, the commands can get backed up if you don't have a really good z-wave mesh... In my driver, I have a low bandwidth mode that can help with the messages getting backed up, if that is your issue..


I changed the driver to the one @aaiyar recommend. It's been about 4 days and the hub locked up again tonight. Should I remove the inovelli bulbs again? Is there anything in the logs that I can look for that will show why it's locked? Thanks

My Hub locked up again today. What is my next option to figure this out. Thanks

Have you tried low bandwidth mode in @bcopeland's driver?

Curious, I have a inovelli RGBW bulb using the inovelli driver. I don't use much so I'm not a good example of function.
However I just tested it and noticed two things looking at the Events Log:

  1. when I change the color, the resulting events are the color #, a color name then nine more color numbers each within 100 milliseconds of the previous.

  2. When I set color temperature to 4000 then 4011 gets reported. When I set color temperature to 5000 then 5009 gets reported (in the events).

I switched to the low bandwidth mode. Still having the problem with it locking up. It locked up 3 times today.

Ouch! Tagging @Eric_Inovelli, @ericm - any possibility of a firmware update that makes these bulbs less chatty?

i don't have any innoveli lights but my hub's been locking up frequently after the update and even more frequently after

I've e-mailed hubitat support but if anyone has any suggestions or gets further on OP's issue it may be helpful :slight_smile:

What do your logs show? Also - probably best to start a new thread because @natebradley's issue is apparently linked to iNovelli bulbs.

There's nothing in that update that would cause a lockup.

Easy to verify. Use the Hubitat Diagnostic Tool and roll back to

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I must admit whenever I see reference to the 'Hubitat Diagnostic Tool' I think of something that we can turn on/invoke to give us more information (diagnostics) to see what is going on and may be causing issues with the hub.
I see this more as 'Things to try to get your hub working' tool.
Just my opinion. :slight_smile:


This will assist in his hypothesis that the hot fix caused the hub to lock up. So in this case, I’d call it a tool to help diagnose the problem, wouldn’t you?

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Spoken like a true staff member. They got the right guy for the job. :slight_smile:


I don’t name the tools, I just know what they’re for. :wink: