Hub just crashed again, twice in a week now

No, I didn't say that. I simply was stating that running the logs does not load the system down in any measurable way. If you are having problems with an app or driver, the logs are the first line of trouble shooting. But, what often happens, is that some problem happens, and then you think to go look at the logs. If the problem is reproducible, or predictable as to timing or circumstance, turn on the logs to see if something obvious happens.

Guys, I wasn't trying to start war with this thread. Just seeking advice on how to prevent my hub from crashing. As supported pointed out, there was something wrong with a device that was flooding my hub that caused it to crashed. I hope support can share what they are seeing so I can try to figure what's wrong with the driver i'm using for that device. No changes were made to this driver recently so I would like to find out why it's now "flooding" my hub.

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If this is a custom driver, you could post the code here for someone to look at it.

I know they don't update, but I seen post here telling they are rubbish, why they are rubbish? They work fine everywhere else.

I seen post here that doing this will degrade the z wave mesh, why? As you mentioned ST can do it and I never had a mesh problem or probably hassio is doing the same and it worked. If I already have a problem with slow mesh, do you think doing this will help me at all?

Then here we have a mix of different opinions but none helps to solve my problem.

I will keep sending emails to support, this forums are supposed to receive tips or alternatives but for me looks like they are over. At least I replaced a couple of things thanks to the post about Lowes sale.


Did you read that I have been stable with no changes for months? My issue is the assumption you and others are making that I changed something and it is what I changed. I woke up to a non responsive system, saw two other had similar issues, and said I saw the same. Then you and others jumped on us saying it is our fault.
Now if it is something I have created and been running for months, and it finally manifested in a crash fine, but prove it first. Don't just immediately assume I broke it because that is what it "usually" is. Get the data, and then you can point fingers.

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This is what I am using. But I removed the connect app so it doesn't constantly do ssdp discovery.

Whoa, I can't find anywhere in this thread where anyone said your problem was your fault. Mike talked about a common problem that exists with custom drivers and custom apps, and he didn't point that at you.

I know absolutely nothing about your system or the problem you have with your hub, so I'm not making any assumption about what is wrong. On the other hand, you haven't provided any information beyond that it was stable and now crashed. Please provide us with more information and we'd be glad to help out. I'm sure that support will make every effort to find the cause of your problem.

I don't view your problem as your fault.

Is that what you mean by pointing fingers? I'm trying to be helpful. Many users have had these experiences only to find that they had a bad driver or custom app. I'm not saying that is your problem, just that it is frequently the problem that is discovered to be the root cause. If that is not helpful to you then please just ignore it. It was not intended to be pointing fingers.

Just a few friendly reminders:

  1. The Hubitat Elevation Hub is in development. It works awesome when there aren't other devices that are causing issues, but no one said it was perfect or finished. There may be conflicts that can arise from devices that don't have issues. The best plan is to not determine a cause before you look for it. Please remember to stay calm and contact support for assistance.

  2. The Hubitat team is super helpful and highly engaged. Use their knowledge and willingness to engage to your best advantage. Mutual respect is the best way to achieve results.

  3. Please remember Hubitat, Inc. is a lean startup. The team is small and the community, while growing, isn't anywhere near the size of that other hub. As the owners of a hub still in development, we all need to do some of the legwork when there's a suspected issue. By careful, planned out, and detailed logical examination off an issue, you may be able to help the entire Hubitat community, as well as your own home automaton setup.

  4. The other hub isn't in development, but is very far from 100% reliable or perfect. Many of us are here because it was so unreliable due to the constant cloud issues. Be sure to not wax nostalgic over how wonderful that other hub was. It'll better serve you in helping to determine the true issue and help Hubitat Elevation be the best home automation hub available.


Do you have your hub on a UPS?
Power spikes can sometimes cause lockups of even the best, most stable equipment.

My SkyTV DVR would frustratingly regularly lockup so I ended up putting all my TV equipment on one of my UPS
No similar problems after that


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We know this, a good reminder.

I bet they are, I been respectfully, maybe my way to write in english is not the best, sorry if anyone here thinks I'm unrespectfull.

Now I have to differ with you, detailed logical examination? are you telling me because my car has a check engine light I supposed to know what is the problem without tools and let my mechanic know? Because that's the way I see this, logs? I been watching my logs and I had no errors, everything was working, then it stoped to work, I did nothing, it just stop work, then magically there are other ways to know what happened but we can't have that info. I know this will sound ugly but here it goes, do you believe your mechanic when he is telling you because the check engine light is on you need a new trasmission?, the car was running great, just the check engine light turned on, you can't see the car just has the engine stalling?

The other hub could be far from 100 % reliable or perfect but it works with simple issues like device polling. Is not nostalgic, I did multiple installations to my friends, they are fine, I'm not, the diference, I replaced my hub and replaced multiple devices because they are "rubbish" but those rubbish devices work in the other hub just fine. The name is waste of time and money. I just had to refresh 5 devices because they said turned on but they were off, nostalgic could be.

I could install the other hub and migrate all devices, but I want Hubitat to work, that's why I'm here asking and complaining, not to get reminders of stuff like this.

I'm really sorry but I just can't help myself at times. My mechanic would tell me to put some tape over the light then I wouldn't see it.
You probably don't want people to joke but I do understand that everybody has different needs and what is important to you is not as important to others.
I hope you get your issues resolved.
Good luck.

Thank you. :+1:

But it would be extremely helpful to let them know something abnormal prior to the light coming on that you know. Maybe you were filling the gas and the gas cap Oring came off or you were racing with other cars. They are mechanics not psychics. :grin:

I appreciate you well considered responses. Please understand my response was general, not directed at you. I consider a general response to a thread (e.g. Clicking the green "Reply" button to be a general reply to the group, not an individual. At most, it might be a reply to the original poster. Mine was neither. If I'm replying to an idividual, I'm going to click the gray reply link to replay directly to that person and if I really want their attention, I'll also add @[username] to my replay.

Not stated, nor intended to be implied. Merely a general statement about how interaction best serves everyone.

Sorry, but I don't agree with that analogy at all. It just doesn't apply to this case. Most auto mechanics that are interested in making a living, even if they work for the dealership that sold you the vehicle, will charge you labor, and once the vehicle is out of warranty, they also charge you for parts. So far you have not paid an additional penny for the support you have received here. Your mechanic will charge you just to hook up an instrument they own to diagnose the problem. Do they call you over and show you the results they found? Most do not. Then they will tell you what they believe based on the sometimes vague results from the diagnostics and they'll charge you for the labor and parts to fix it. Very often, if that doesn't fix the problem, you get to give them more money to fix the problem, and sometimes you'll get some money back, sometimes you don't. Very often depends on how they feel that day.

Hubitat does polling if you want it to. @bravenel already explained this.

Really, I'm serious here :joy:

Ok, when you mentioned nostalgic I thought you mentioned it because of my picture of ST, but that picture represents the other hubs I still have, money spent, no results. Don't take my answer in any way to be like enemies here, it was my point of view, I respect your points.


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I'd be happy to, maybe they could help us by creating a list of things they'd like to know when we post an issue we see? I would also suggest that instead of statement of "Well this is usually caused by custom apps, or device handlers..." which imho is saying, Our stuff is solid, you added something that is causing this" the better way is saying, "When was the last time you logged into your hub?"
Another would be a document of suggested practices when adding a custom device/app? If it is as much of an issue as they say, that would help them.
It sure would be better than where this string has gone.

BTW, I love my hubitat, it has been rock solid, and the community has been fun. I do not want that to be soured by semantics.

Honestly, you don't really want that kind of question do you? That's a level 1 tech type response. You have the chance to talk with the founders of the company here. The top level, not the script readers.

All I am saying is the response should be, "How can I help you?" not "What did you do?" which is how it came across this morning.

I do not disagree with you on this point at all.

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