Hub Issues

So my internet went out today forcing me to reset both my modem and router.

After doing this my Hub stopped responding. I could login locally to the main page, but any attempt to access settings/devices was met with ‘Page not Found’. Unplugging my hub resulting in me being able to access the boot screen, but very quickly the hub became unresponsive again.

Z-Wave devices have stopped altogether but I can’t see any logs because I cannot access the page. I ‘think’ Zigbee devices work, but slowly. For instance, a motion sensor triggered a zigbee light about 5 minutes after triggering motion (but who knows).

So, in sum, I am dead in the water.

I do have Homebridge installed and I only mention this because I can see the hub logs through Homebridge and I see logs related to temperature sensors only and several errors referencing invalid API call.

I have changed nothing in the system for several days so I have no idea what is going on. I did submit a support ticket late yesterday evening.

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MINOR UPDATE: As I stated, I have home bridge. So last night all my Hubitat devices disappeared from the homebridge, but my Homebridge logs would show activity (ie. Living Room Temperature = 77.0 degrees).

This morning, they all reappeared but in the default room (grrr).

Still can't access the HE Hub and still receive several API errors within the Homebridge logs (remember I can only see homebridge logs) so I shutdown Homebridge altogether, but still cannot access the hub.

Could it be that the DHCP address assigned to the hub changed when you reset the router? Can you access Can you check your router DHCP table?

Yes, but clicking the link 'Home' takes me to my local IP and I cannot load the page.

Nothing appears to be changed on the DHCP table. I can still see the device on my network at the usual local IP address,

See if you can access that ip at port 8081.

Yes, this gives me the option to switch the Hub Firmware Version.

Update Again: Everything just started working again. I've done nothing (couldn't even log in). But tried for the heck of it and it is back up and running.

Did anyone from support see anything unusual as I would like to know what happened.

ip at port 8081.

Is as you found, the link to rewind to a previous OS version. The purpose of the Test was to find if the hub was alive at all. In other words, the fact you got the correct page is the end of the test. It says the hub is plugged in and alive on an IP address that's at least predictable.

It's more or less the next step Up the diagnostic tree from a Ping :slight_smile: