Hub is randomly rebooting

Did you try the steps @bobbyD listed above? Support can be reached at

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Brandon gave you the contact info, but just to be clear, bobbyD is the official Hubitat support person, so watch for any messages from him. Please also do whatever he asks of you above as that is information he will need to help you troubleshoot.

Started the day fresh. I moved the Hub to another ethernet jack and replaced the ethernet patch cables at the Hub and at the network switch. No Joy. Then I powered it down. (had to unplug it , it wouldn't take a shutdown command, not even from the diagnostic menu) I removed the USB Z-wave/Zigbee stick and powered back up. Tadaa!!!!! It is up now although it has error flags for both those networks being down. I have upgraded firmware back to and restored to the automatic back up from 30 Jun, automation is working again, the hub responds to commands like normal. I am going to let it work a while as I see what is working and what is not (other then the Zigbee-Zwave. I have 16 Smart Things water sensors and 9 GE/Jasco switches) At some point I will have to plug that usb stick in and see what happens.
Can the Z-wave or Zigbee be disabled individually...edit I see where each can be disabled in settings

? Could this be caused by a bad device slamming the hub? Now that it is up can any log entries be meaningful?

I disabled both the Zwave and Zigbee radios, I shutdown the hub and inserted the usb stick in the other usb port (not the port it was originally plugged in when all this started. Powered up and all ran well for over 4 hours.
Then I enabled the Zigbee radio and then made sure all my zigbee devices worked. All ran well for about 2 hours.
Then I enabled the Zwave and made sure my zwave switches all worked. All ran well for over 2 hours.
Then I powered the hub down and moved the usb stick to the original usb port and powered up. All is running well now for almost an hour. I have no errors in the log. Response to commands and page changes is back to normal.
So basically when old techs sit around the coffee pot and tell this story it will be condensed to...
He reseated the Zwave/Zigbee usb stick

Thanks to all who advised. I learned a lot.

You know... You forget how inconvenient having to flip switches is. We also kept forgetting to turn lights off when we left a room/closet. I am glad I set everything up so everything works manually without automation. I do know that I will be as close to first in line for a new hub as I can be so I have a spare and also that I am going to buy a good 5 volt UPS Battery back-up. Does anybody know of one that switches over fast enough to keep the hub up?

Life Is Good!!!


I went with the TalentCell that @april.brandt picked up in this thread.

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It's been working great! No more crashes!

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Well I saw the "We have hubs in stock!!!" email 23 minutes after it hit my inbox but I now have a new hub on the way.

I never had any further issues with that Hub slowdown after the stick reseating. I did buy a TalentCell battery backup unit and it is working great.

One thing this taught me was how crippled my house is without a working hub. Although everything in my house does still work manually, it is no longer 2nd nature to flip a switch or set an alarm manually, Also some critical automations like a leak detection/water shutoff system do not work. I will feel more comfortable with a back up hub available. Now to figure out a method of keeping the spare unit up to date.