Hub Goes Unresponsive While Away

For the third time this year my hub has gone unresponsive while in away mode for an extended period. This past weekend we were away on a short vacation. I put the hub in away mode successfully and checked a dashboard via the Android app the first evening. The next day I tried to check again and got a response that the hub is unresponsive. When I returned home the light on the hub was blue, but I had to do a hard reboot to get it to respond again. I tried to check the logs, but there wasn't enough history available. I do happen to run the custom app Hub Watchdog and found in that data the hub quit responding a little over 12 hours after going into away mode.

I'd also note that I have five Zigbee bulbs, all of which were on when I came home. None of them were on when I left, and they wouldn't respond to any commands, requiring me to manually remove them, reset them and reconnect them to the hub.

My hub is currently running version Any thoughts on how to investigate this issue? It doesn't occur while at home or in away mode for shorter periods of time.

I would begin disabling user apps. I routinely have my system in away mode for 4-5 days at a time. In fact, recently, my home wasn't in away mode for only 8 days one month. So, it has nothing to do with Away mode inherently. You'd have to look at what apps are running differently when your house is in away mode vs. home mode.

I would normally agree that removing one app at a time to determine the issue would make sense. In this case it would take a considerable amount of time and luck to determine the root cause since it only happens while in away mode for extended periods of time. I've kept it in away mode while at work many times and nothing happens.

I hear ya. There's really nothing else that can be done to try to figure out what app is the culprit. You can try to list your user apps and see if any of them are known issues. And I would start with those that deal with mode in any way. But mode may in fact be a red herring in this case. It might be only coincidence that it happened while you were away and might have happened if you were home too. There's no way to know for sure until a likely root cause is found.

Zigbee bulbs typically power on whenever there is a power blip. Is there any chance that your house experienced a power blip while you were away? Is your Hubitat Hub on a UPS? This is considered a best practice, since the Hubitat hub contains a relational database that may be corrupted if power is lost. During the restart, the hub checks for corruption and restores a previous backup if necessary.

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I did wonder about a power hiccup. However, no other electronic devices (e.g. microwave clock) indicated such an event occurred. Is HE more susceptible to smaller hiccups? Also, the only time I've noticed this happen in the past 6 - 9 months is when we were away for an extended period. It oddly hasn't occurred while at home any time.