Hub for Rollease blind motors

So I'm pretty sure my pulse 1 hub has reached end of life as the ifttt has been broken for more than a month and I'm sensing they won't restore it.. that was the only way to link hubitat and my pulse 1 hub so I may be looking at a new hub.

Thankfully my motors are compatible with the pulse 2 hub, and what I have since understood potentially the Bond hub as well

So which hub do I go?

I'm concerned that the pulse 2 hub is going to be updated soon and support for it lessen. I'm also concerned that while the community driver for the pulse 2 hub seems to work well, that there aren't a lot of users and that the integration could be broken at some stage (no reflection in the developer in any way, just reality if they move into something else so no time to maintain it).

I believe the Bond hub works ok. Limited to up and down only (no percentage or pause) but as I only put my roller blinds fully up or fully down (all have privacy screen and blockout) this doesn't concern me. Reports on reliability are fairly minimal though so hard to judge how well they work with rollease motors. I've read about a potential limited range for the base model bond bridge which is what I am was looking at, as the Pro version which is very pricey and can't justify for my use. I believe the integration has a larger community.

Any suggestions?