Hub crashing about once / 24 hrs

So my C7 hub started crashing this week, seems about once per day. It goes unresponsive , and I cant restart it via 80 or 808 reboot methods. I can restart it from the 8081 diag menu.

I am running the latest firmware (2.36.146), I've been doing a lot of activity on it, added apps and drivers, added/changed some rules, etc. so not exactly sure I can pinpoint any one thing.

I don't see anything in the logs by way or warning or errors, but I don't know exactly what I should be looking for.

The only other possible clue is have is that I did catch a "the hub is dangerously low on memory, you should restart immediately" once last week when I logged in. I did restart it.

Any suggestions to debug?

These symptoms usually call for a Soft Reset.

Settings: Backup. Create a local backup then restore it. These two steps clean up the internal DB.


Thank you. I just performed these steps and will monitor it.

The backup/restore will probably fix this issue, may have been causing the crashes.

If not, please see this post for the sake of not having to repeat all this again:

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Just circling back here, so far so good after a fews days post the backup/restore. Thank you both, and the sticky post is a great idea.