Hub constant slowdowns affecting battery life?

Over the last few months I notice my visonic mct-340 contact sensors going dead very quickly & very suddenly. Panasonic 2032=2 months, maxell 2032= 2.5 months.
These same sensors in the same place got a good year out of a fresh battery with ST(st hub in same , location as my HE C4 hub)
I just checked my front door sensor about 2 hours ago, the device page said 99%, as I placed the new maxell battery on 12/8/19. Now it's at zero %, but still reporting.
I have a very strong mesh(4 xbees,a shit ton of repeaters & no lousy bulbs), although today the hub locked up again, even with nightly reboots, but eventually came back.

Could the HE hub not acknowledging messages properly(due to constant slowdowns/lockups) cause the contact sensor to send repeated messages killing the batteries?

I'm starting to relish the old days of cloud slowdowns, as overall I really do believe I had a higher % functionality/uptime. The WAF is at about -10 right now.


“Could the HE hub not acknowledging messages properly(due to constant slowdowns/lockups) cause the contact sensor to send repeated messages killing the batteries?“
Sure sounds feasible to me.
That’d be one problem creating another problem or a side affect.
If I had a 50% WAF with our HE implementation I’d either be, soon on my own or wiping our HE and starting again.
Because you CAN do that when things are really not working as you want. I’ve been there :blush:

i have some trv's which go into panic mode (and ping repeatdly) if they havent communicated with the hub, so some manufactures do this. and if your hub or z-wave network is unresponsive it will kill the batteries trying to find the hub.

Doesn’t that sound to you like an inaccurate battery report? If you remove the batteries and put them in a tester (Good testers always encouraged), what does it read?

I do not think it's your environment. I have been noticing the same behavior, with ST Multipurpose sensors and ST buttons... Whether something has changed in how the hub is configuring devices, manageing messaging, or if it is the slowdows, I have no clue.

Many but not all of my ST buttons have gone from 5-6 months battery life to about 4-5 weeks. THe ST multipurpose sensors are making it to about 2 months now, instead of the 6ish months they used to give. I am seeing this behavior across all 3 of my hubs too.

I have been too preoccupied with other projects to actually delve into this, but sooner or later I will have to because I'm going through a ton of batteries.


Here is one supporting piece of information on the theory that the hub slowdowns/crashes are causing battery life to fall off a cliff..

All of my Iris v1 devices have been experiencing drastically reduced battery life since late last fall...

Here are three of the that all fell offline with dead batteries on the same day, two of them at almost exactly the same time.

Note the time.. That's within the early morning window of time where my hubs (and others) have been crashing every few nights.

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I have several of those sensors and the battery reporting has always been poor. If I install a new battery sometimes it will read at 100% and other times at lower values. I've checked the batteries with a volt meter and verified they are all reading the same. I routinely see the battery levels at 0 but they continue to work normally for months. I've pretty much give up on trusting battery reports as most are wildly inaccurate. It also doesn't appear to be a Hubitat problem because when I was on SmartThings the same problem was happening there too.