Hub cannot find Kwikset 910 lock

Just bought my first smart hub (Hubitat C-7) and trying to pair it with a Kwikset Smartcode 910 Z-Wave lock. Looking up Kwikset locks in the "Add Device" interface, there's a "910/912/914 Lock" option for Zigbee and a "Smartcode" option for Z-Wave. So I've followed the instructions for the Z-Wave device with the hub and lock about 8 inches from each other, but the hub never finds the lock after multiple pairing attempts. I even went through the factory reset steps on the lock and also tried the generic Z-Wave device option, but no luck.

Any suggestions?


Update ... I went through the "remove" step and that seemed to fix it. This lock was already installed when we bought the home, and I suspect now it was probably linked to the alarm system (which we don't use). After removing it, then the hub found it.

But I have a follow-on question ... I selected it from the list of supported devices, but looking at it's specific device details, it shows as a generic Z-wave device vs. the product from the pick list. Is that to be expected?

Typically. Unless the device has some unique capability, then they are usually lopped together under the generic device type. A lock is a lock, so not much need to have a device driver for each type. Same thing for switches.

Granted, it's a lot more convoluted than that.

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Thanks for confirming.


FYI - zwave devices can be paired to a single primary controller at one time. And the situation is similar for zigbee devices.

So, it is a good practice to first exclude a zwave device prior to pairing it. Similarly, it is a good idea to factory reset a zigbee device prior to pairing it.

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