Hub becomes inaccessible through web portal or devices

Every few days I am unable to access my hub through it's page and all my devices become disconnected. While this happen the light on front is green and my router still shows it as being connected (hardwired). When I unplug and replug the power it works again until a few days later. This has only started happening in the last week or two.

When that happens can you get to yourhubip:8081?

Be aware this can cause corruption of the database. Like pulling the power on a pc. To ensure you don't have any corruption, restore from the previous day's backup as that will be clean. (Provided you didn't make any changes)

Are you running Jumbo frames anywhere on your network?

You may want to check out this thread for ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem:

I don't know if this is related, but after rebooting last night this morning it is already giving me a "Hub is running low on memory." alert.

That's not good. Have you checked the Logs page to see what's causing the low memory? Particularly past Logs, Device stats and App stats tabs...

What detail should I be looking at that would involve using a ton of memory? Looks like wemo is polling quite often but not sure that would create the issue.

Wemo is chewing up a lot of resources. Can you put a check mark in all the boxes at the top?

I have seen hubs struggling when Wemo devices go wild. But this looks more like a locked/corrupted database, I would run a Soft Reset with backup, then when the hub comes back online monitor the logs to see if Wemo devices are still acting up.

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