Hub and maybe device problems

When I got back to Arizona after being gone for the summer, I found multiple problems with the Hubitat system. We had some power outages and brown outs while I was gone. I am not sure if this was the cause. All my Jasco wall switches are dead. That is not much of a surprise with the power outages. The outdoor switch acts funny. It comes on sometimes, but never goes back off. My Schlage door lock will sometimes work on an app and not other times. That is battery operated, so it should not have been impacted by the power outages. Other devices are acting the same way, sometimes working, but other times not. The Hub is on Battery Backup, so it should have not been impacted. I just installed a new ZOOZ Zen05 Outdoor Plug. I could turn it on and off from the app 3 times, but then it has stopped working. If I turn the switch on/off with the button on the plug, the hub status is updated. HE just does not seem to be able to control the plug. Has anyone run into similar a problem? I am not sure if the hub is having problems or if it is the other equipment. Is there a way to test the hub to see if it is actually issuing the Z-Wave commands?

My guess is that you have lost some repeaters that your battery devices were routing through, and possiby have one or more devices that are not 100% and may be causing worse issues on your mesh.


I like the guess. One of the problem Jasco wall switches could be the problem for the Z-Wave issues. I will replace all those and see if the problems persist. Two Z-wave devices that are experiencing the problem are pretty close to the hub and no other Z-wave devices are in between them and the hub.

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Turns out it was a very good guess. I have replaced 3 of the 6 Jasco wall switches and all my Z-wave devices are now working properly. Thank you.


Because of issues like this I honestly can't even recommend Jasco switches. I have a few of the outlets and when they go I'll get something like Enerwave's (they work well) because they're really solid. Go with Lutron Switches, they're tanks!

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