I'm porting over an app from ST and have the following command which is not doing anything

 	try {
 		httpPostJson(params) { resp ->
 			log.debug "Received Response: ${resp.status}"
 	} catch (e) {
		log.debug "Something went wrong: $e"

Is there an alternative to httpPostJson(params) or am I missing something stupid?

I'm trying to send data to a php response file on a webserver

There is nothing in logging to indicate where it's going wrong but I'm not getting the response from the php


You should look at @krlaframboiseā€™s other hub event pusher app as an example. It sends a Json string to ST:

That function starts on line 254

httpPostJson() method was added in release 1.1.2


Thanks Chuck


Ok @chuck.schwer why is httpPostJson not documented ?

Presented without comment.

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