HTTP Response Error disables all writes to Log File

I just began using/exploring Hubitat Ping and HTTP Response within the past 48 hours. I was successfully pinging and writing the response from 2 different IP addresses (assigned to cell phones) to a log file. I added HTTP Response to the mix (Simple HTTP Server is running on one of the phones) and all was working as expected UNTIL I disable/leave the WiFi zone. If the WiFi network becomes unavailable on the phone running Simple HTTP Server ALL writing to the log fails even though the other phone is actively connected to the WiFi network and being pinged successfully. If I disable the set variable Action to get HTTP Response the rule successfully writes to log the ping response for each phone "0" or "100" as expected. The Hubitat is running "" on a C-7.

It would be helpful if you would post screenshots of the rule.

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I discovered that the problem is not in the rule. I was naively thinking that if the Get HTTP Response Action failed to get a response from the server. That it would return a failure to connect notice of some sort to the rule. It does elicit an "Error" response but the failure to connect Error is written to the Hubitat Log whereupon the rule stops processing and no entry is appended to the log file.

I discovered this discussion about monitoring the Hubitat Log file for errors.

and installed the driver Jost shared [Solved][RELEASE] How to catch errors in log? - #7 by Jost

This did the trick. Thanks Jost and all other supporting characters.

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