HSM200 configuration errors

HomeSeer HSM200 LUX and TEMP settings seem reversed and there seem to be limits on how frequently or infrequently TEMP may be reported.

With LUX REPORT INTERVAL set to 88 and TEMPERATURE REPORT INTERVAL set to 22, I get illuminance every 22' and temp every 60'. (Lux readings of zero are correct as sensor was in a dark room.)

With LUX REPORT INTERVAL set to 2 and TEMPERATURE REPORT INTERVAL set to 1, I get illuminance every 1' and no temp report within 22'.

With LUX REPORT INTERVAL set to 2 and TEMPERATURE REPORT INTERVAL set to 10, I get illuminance every 10' and temp every 60'.

Hubitat C-8, Platform version

From a quick look at the driver, it looks like parameter 4 (temperature report interval) is being set as parameter 3 (lux report interval), and parameter 3 is being set as something else entirely (parameter 1, not exactly clear from the manual but likely only related to Z-Wave Association associated devices).

I'm submitting a fix. At this point, it will probably not appear until 2.4.0.



I should also add that you can use the Basic Z-Wave Tool in the meantime to set any parameter, and as long as up don't do a Save Preferences or Configure in the real driver, they won't be overwritten.

my version of the driver seems to be working fine.. ie

Sure; that is a custom driver, and the discussion about is about a problem with the built-in driver, not a problem with the device itself.

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@ kahn-hubitat What's the source of your driver? It seems to have nicer parameterization.

no where does the thread say you are referencing the stock driver. only that whatever driver it is has issues. or it could be the device

package manager

While I suppose the OP never said, in the absence of other information (it's always good to note if you're using a custom driver) and given the "Feedback" category in which the post was made (and the fact that the screenshot exactly matches this driver), it seem safe to assume the built-in driver. Further, as I noted above, this driver contains a small mixup of parameter numbers that would cause this exact problem, implicating this as the source rather than any issues with the device itself.

In any case, fix in the next release for this. :slight_smile:

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