HSM - Water Alert - Flash Lights - RGB Bulbs not Flashing

I have HSM set up to turn a Group of lights Red upon a leak sensor detecting water. I also have the same light Group set to flash, but they don't flash. The Group type is "Group Bulb Dimmer-2.1" and the lights are Zigbee RGB bulbs.

Is there a way to get them to Flash? Do the devices need to have the new "Flash" Capability to flash (I assume not, otherwise it wouldn't make sense for them to appear in the selection list), or is it that you can't flash RGB zigbee bulbs?

Not all devices will flash, but the app doesn't know which ones will or won't. It's up to you to determine that. Look at the device page, if it shows a Flash command, try it -- it may or may not flash. If it doesn't show the command, it won't flash for sure.


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