HSM Stuck in "Arming Away" with Delay

So for the past few months I've used "Arm Away" with a 360 second delay in HSM, and has worked flawlessly every time. However, it now just gets stuck into "Arming Away" and never goes to Armed Away. I have tried shortening the time to 5 minutes delay, and it still gets stuck. Interestingly I have tried 15 seconds and it successfully arms away. I have not had time to try any other time delay intervals yet. Seems this started happening sometime within the last few weeks, as I have been keeping up with the frequent updates so I am not sure if there is a bug or not? If i go into the HSM App and watch the timer countdown during Arm Away, when it gets to zero, it then goes into a negative count and never arms.

Ever figure it out? I'm trying to set up HSM for the first time and have iris v3 keypads. Just trying to set up one, I'm having terrible luck and part of it was experiencing this exact issue.

The only problem I remember happening with the Iris keypads is that I ended up doubling the time delay - the driver had a time delay option that I implemented prior to setting up HSM, and then when I configured HSM I set it up with a delay. End result the keypad waited X seconds then notified HSM which delayed an additional X seconds.

I checked the driver's time delay option... not sure I see an issue there, but I may tinker with it.

I'm following up on this thread, since there was more activity in it so maybe more ideas/experiences with a fix: Occasionally stays as "Arming Away"/"Arming Home" when using keypad

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