HSM Status send with Link to Hub feature

Link to Hub can send mode status so why can't it also send HSM status ?

Because HSM status and location mode are two separate entities, and they only happen to have implemented the latter feature? :smiley: Perhaps they could tell you why, but Link to Hub really hasn't gotten much love since it was introduced. I see you're also aware of HubConnect, which can do this. If you want to use Link to Hub, your options are:

  1. Wait until if/when staff decide to implement this feature (wouldn't hold my breath given that they've recommended HubConnect in the past)
  2. Arm/disarm by location mode, which is already share-able
  3. Use a workaround like a virtual switch (also share-able) to arm/disarm

Guess I need to just pull the trigger and install HubConnect... But I'm worried I will still have a problem with it like I did with Link to Hub and multi-capabilities devices.

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Legitimate concerns for sure. All I can say is that one aspect of my use (HSM) is similar to yours. I switched from Hublink/Link-to-Hub to HubConnect just for that. I'm not switching back ...... it works so seamlessly.

My concern is the Shelly devices have capabilities that include power and energy along with switch/relay and with Link to Hub the omnisensor doesn't include the latter. So either I have switching control or I have power/energy but not switching.

I am pretty sure looking at HubConnect I can't do it either. Unless the omnisensors capabilities also include all the other capabilities then I am stuck again with a half-assed two-way communications.

Well, HubConnect can use custom drivers, so you can make it use any commands and attributes a stock HubConnect driver doesn't already include. That being said, if you use websockets instead of HTTP as your sync mechanism (an option in the app), I know at least all attributes are passed even if not specified in the HubConnect driver. Not sure about commands.

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