HSM Status Light Ideas

Mine doesn't crash it just doesn't display anything except the default color.

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Crash is a harsh word for reloading the page due to an Android default of pull down to refresh. You still can type the color in the box, though correct?

Dashboards are great and I use Sharptools and I have some really neat looking ones that would work great for this but I just don't want one mounted on the wall. Now with Alexa and other home assistants I am finding the need for a fixed tablet is becoming more and more unnecessary.

This dimmer is almost exactly what I wanted so I may do something like this unless someone comes up with something else!!

I've thought about one of these multiple times. If they were about 50% the price I would go for it. But $70 usd seems steep for what it does.

Another option is an Aeotec Smart Switch (or Dimmer) 6. There are ways to adjust the LED on those as well (custom driver unfortunately), and it would be more useful (to me) than the HSM motion sensor.


It is expensive. Maybe just a color bulb hanging somewhere.

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Writing does nothing? Unless has to be Hex? I can try that when I'm back home

I've always thought these were cool devices and then saw how expensive they were and was like WTF?!? I was going to wire up something similar using Hubduino. I have a couple extra boards and a bunch of extra LEDs so I just have to find a project box I like.

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Centralite 3420-G if you can find one... Still $70+ though.

Somebody is trying to get $99 for one of those on Amazon. Come on! How wrong is that?

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This is the cheapest non-homemade non-light bulb solution I can think of. Takes a custom driver to manipulate the LED the way you would wan't but is doable. $34.

This is a cool one!! Maybe I should start learning groovy ugh......

I just ordered this:
€ 0,50 | 16mm Metal Momentary Push Button Switch LED

Then I will strip down a zigbee Glepodo driver (
https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cbg7eM9S )for rgb colours and an on/off zigbee switch (
l do a nice box for all the components.

Hopefully it will be a fun project.

P.s I have opted for ordering the 5v version of the items. Total cost 26€

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Wow, let me know how this goes, as I will give it a go, once you get it all up and running. Looks awesome.

Parts coming from China so will take a time.
I have another parallel project I need to go to IKEA tomorrow.

Yes, anything HTML formatted works, hex, rgb, rgba or named colors should work as well. The pop-up color picker is there just for ease of entry. I believe it returns rgba values.

Ok I will test in 30m

Can confirm it does save the settings but those changes do not reflect in the status.

That's a bug already noticed:

Here's another option. $50 though.

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If you have deep pockets, I got an email these are back in stock.