HSM Speaker Volume

Would it be possible to add a volume control to HSM so when it plays a text alert it can be at a max volume or whatever someone wants to set it at? thanks

HSM doesn't play anything that I'm aware of. What are you using for alerts? That is what you need to control the volume of. You can do that by creating a rule that is triggered by a virtual device. The rule will control the volume of your speech device.

@SmartHomePrimer In HSM there is a way to have it speak through a mini, for example water leak, and you type in the text and it says what you entered. But everyone knows that.
But you cannot set the volume of the mini anywhere before it speaks. I am wondering why it is necessary to always use a virtual device when it should have it built in?

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That’s now a two part question I think.

Part 1: If you’re using the Google Home mini to speak TTS messages, you can create a RM rule that sets the volume via custom actions, speaks the message, and then sets the volume back to whatever level you want.

Part 2: Relates to part one. Why do you always have to use a virtual switch? You don’t, but it’s a simple way to connect rules to apps that don’t support Private Boolean.

As far as saying it should do it, that’s an opinion really. Would it be a nice added feature? Sure would, but it’s not hard to make the hub do what you want with Rule Machine when something isn’t there today. That’s all I’m saying.

@SmartHomePrimer I understand what you are saying. I just see a lot of times that there has to be a work around to achieve something that could be added. It is a way to achieve it for now but I hope they do add it in the future.

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Of coarse. It’s still early in Hubitat’s existence, though, so it all had to start somewhere. What impresses me so much is that you can workaround, just about anything that comes your way, without needing to have the skill to write code.

Not many systems can claim that capability.

What I would do is create a RM app that is a trigger off of the Alert from HSM setting the volume of your mini. I do this. But since mine are Cast-Web devices, they show up as dimmers. So, I can capture set and then restore to previous levels.

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@Ryan780 I kind of did something similar. I added a rule that if HSM goes into Armed Away that the rule sets the volume on all the mini's so they are preset if anything needs to be spoken.

We have recently decided to make some changes to speech device capability to include volume control. This may take us a little time, but it's definitely on our list to get done. At that point, all of the apps that use speech, including HSM, will be updated to allow for the volume setting.

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@bravenel Thanks, it will be worth the wait.

Hi, Sorry to dig up an old post but has this been implemented yet? I don't see it in HSM or maybe I don't know where to look.

No, this was not done, as not all speech devices support volume control. Usually you can select it as a music device and get volume control that way.

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