HSM shock sensors

It says in HSM that it supports shock sensors. But there's no separate dialog box to select them, so does this mean that they are lumped in as contact sensors?

However when I select an Smartthings Multipurpose sensor I assume HSM only reacts to the contact sensor section only and not to the vibration sensor part (as well)?

Although I know that I can use a custom rule in HSM to use vibration sensors I was wondering if this shouldn't be part of the main HSM sensor list? After all the there is only 1 shock device in the compatible device listing (Vision ZS5101) which appears to be just a vibration sensor.

And a second question, custom monitoring rules are subject to normal mode changes but how can they be "armed" in the same way as the main sensor list? That is, can they be armed when HSM is set to intrusion away/home/night?

EDIT: OK so I found a post by @bravenel way back in 2019 mentioning this. However I would suggest that vibration sensors are a key aspect of perimeter security and ask if at least this particular class be included as an option.

Otherwise I can easily create a new RM rule specifically for this but it makes more sense to me that this is part of HSM.

Both HSM and HSM Rule support Shock Sensors. But, they won't offer that as a choice unless you have one or more installed in your system.